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from u.s. and british ships and submarines struck more than 20 intergreated air defense systems and other air defense facilities ashore. >> geraldo: this is a fox news alert. today, after a painful but ultimately successful week long effort to enlist international support in an operation named odyssey dawn the united states military led the air and naval forces of two of our closest allies, france and britain in launching a massive attack which we are told has already severely disabled the air defenses of the dictator who refuses to stop his vicious assault on his own people. hi, everybody. i'm geraldo rivera. welcome to our two hour special report on the day the libyan civil war became our fight. the offensive to protect libya's people from their own government and ultimately take down the madman who has plagued us for more than four decades began saturday when french jets soared over qaddafi's forces besieging the rebel held city of benghazi, reportedly taking out four of qaddafi's tanks. the initial french action was soon dwarfed by a huge salvo of cruz missiles. 11 114 fired
likely caused bay mixture of hydrogen and oxygen used to cool down the fuel rods with seawater. 600 residents still in the area being told to stay indoors after 160 people may have been ex-prosed to radiation after the last blast. the editor for the japanese online edition of the "wall street journal" is joining us. we were talking about the fact that they have been having the rolling blackouts and that is making things consist all the way around. >> they were pep co which is the company that operates the nuclear reactors shut down also provides electricity to tokyo. there is not enough electionity to go around because of the shut down and so they are going to do the step-by-step stopping electricity at one part of tokyo while the others go on. the whole thing was not handled well and as of now the stoppage has not taken place at all. >> so people are sitting there waiting for the electricity to go off on on at any minute. is that what the situation is. >> woo hwe were told to go to e home page to find out what time our area would be fit. as of this morning while we were wondering t
so what can we expect next? joining us live now is doug mcelway. >> he can expect to see bomb damage assessment, that is the next key phase, right about now, sun should be coming up over liba. we're going to get probably realtime pictures of this of the damage there. the military does not need daylight to commence that bomb assessment damage they have night-vision capabilities so they're probable lay come laigt evidence of the extent of the damage right now. we hear from the military it takes six to 12 hours to accumulate that. given the fact first bomb strikes were 3:00 a.m. eastern time, they should be getting a pretty good picture of the extent of the damage. whether or not muammar gaddafi might have been a target himself, we just don't know. yesterday we about an interview with the architect of the no fly zone. he said as long as muammar gaddafi is a component of command and control, he could be phone shallly a target of all of the this, but we just don't know that yet. >> it's great to -- the arab league played a critical role in this, voting in favor of a military action includ
days and probably give us control of the air space. no-fly zone, i think is a misgnomer, that gives us control to do what? stop the advance of gaddafi's forces? they have -- the concern is that their artillery forces in reigns of the city, and so are their tank forces. we'll have to attack those forces. i'm talking about coalition forces and the same thing applies to other areas. he'll try to get close to those people as he can to protect forces because he knows what our rules of engagement are like. but we also, the coalition will put air-ground teams, particularly starting in benghazi to be able to control that close air support. military term to describe air power being used against ground forces. and we'll have to have eyes on some of the targets to make certain we're shoofting at targets, not shooting at the civilians that may be close by and be able to provide terminal guidance. i don't think it's mission creep. i think it's in the portfolio. >> geraldo: why not aim at presidential compound? steve harrigan, general said gaddafi phoned in his last address to the libyan people, but
sheen debacle brought to life is drug use is alye and well one of the drugs is sur pridesingly popular is crack. i am with happening harry a sunset strip celebrity club promote tore and musician. tell me about that? >> as i said sdrugs are easy to fievendz. we are in the entertainment capital of america. the more people there are the more drugs there are. >> why crack? >> because people are resorting to making it at home now. >> it is attracting younger kids with easier access to drugs than alcohol. >> as we would walk past the club we smell the obvious aroma of people smoking dope, but the stronger drugs are out there, too. >> yeah, there are every where. chances are you will smell that on the street also. >> obviously this is going on it's easy to get. what about the young kids? >> i see a lot of kids running around. a lot of them are in such a hurry to grow up they don't realize how dangerous it is to flirt with what they are doing. there are a lot of kids doing heavy drugs. >> like what? >> heroin. there are teens out there on heroin. >> you have seen it? >> i have seen them on it.
, also the u.s. navy and other countries getting involved h heavily today, geraldo. >> geraldo: greg palkot, you stand by. let me bring in our guests. and in washington, nuclear expert paul gunter. paul, japan's top government spokesman just announced that radiation at the nuclear plant briefly rose above legal limits. what are the health consequences to the people in that region? >> well, there is an immediate concern for the health consequences to children certainly. as welling a pregnant women. these are the top priorities that must be protected. we are hoping that these people are prioritized in the evacuation. clearly this is just the precursor so what we are fearing is a much more serious accident with more far-reaching consequences. >> geraldo: what is a nuclear melt down? what is a meltdown? >> what it is it when the uranium core in a nuclear power plant gets super hot it melts the fuel, the steel, this all becomes a super hot puddle and falls to the bottom of the reactor and then can actually melt through the bottom of the reactor vessel and burn through the concrete matt an
before you to proclaim tonight america is a land where dreams can come true for all of us. [cheers and applause] >> greta: geraldine ferraro a celebration of life. we look back at vice presidential candidate geraldine ferraro's life and legacy. she died yesterday at the age of 75 after a fierce 12 year battle with blood cancer. everyone, men and women, and, yes, of both political parties were excited when ferraro bloke that glass ceiling for women. as you know, she has the first female vice presidential candidate. in 1984 walter mondale asked ferraro to join his democratic ticket. he eventually lost in a landslide to ronald reagan. her place in history was cemented. proud to be the first woman on a presidential ticket. sheet was also proud to be the first italian american woman on a ticket and she let us all know that prior to running for vice president, she was a lawyer and three-term congresswoman from the city of new york. the burrow of queens. she served ambassador to the yaptions commission on heim rights. she also had a television career first at cnn and several years later s
things that the charlie sheen debacle has brought to light is the fact that drug use is alive and well here in hollywood. one of the drugs that is surprisingly popular again is crack. and what's happening here on the sunset strip celebrity and a club promoter, tell me about that. >> yeah. i mean, as i said drugs are easy to find. it so happens we're in the entertainment capitol of america. the more people, the more drugs there are. >> why is crack popular? >> people are resorting to making it at home now. >> the notorious hollywood club scene is attracting younger kids with easier access to drugs than alcohol. >> so as we walk past a club, we can smell the obvious aroma of people smoking dope but the stronger drugs are out there, too. >> yeah. they're everywhere. chances are you'll smell that, too. on the street out here. >> this is going on. it's easy to get. what about young kids? >> this? i see a lot of kids running around and there is -- it's sad. a lot of them are such in a hurry to grow up. i don't think they realize how dangerous it is to flirt with whatever they're taking. >> t
japan with the latest. tell us some of the activities if you would in terms of recovery and getting on with life that you have seen. >> we are here along the coast in northeastern japan. the cleanup has began. believe it or not the big difference is as we walk into that area the fish market area the difference is they had a tsunami warning speaker. the speaker got out in time. they had 14 minutes until it hit in the northern part of the country. the land is flat here you can get hills 40-50 pete in elevation in a matter of 1 kilometer. cleanup begins here but there is rationing across the country. 4 hour blackouts including tokyo to try to get power to northern jap japan. with the problems they are having they are 20 percent below what they would have available on the country side. at night they are very cold. there are people with no power no gas no ability to stay warm with that type of technology. over the last figure after you hear a shake you hear something like this. i recorded this. those are announcements. i don't know if you can hear that or not but they go out over the lou
apparently to try to fix them up and use them themselves. geraldo? >> geraldo: great job. now, with the eastern half of libya. now, to the western half where qaddafi's forces continue their brutal assault on beleaguered city, the besieged city of misrata. even here they are getting picked apart by allied planes and missiles. steve harrigan continues his report. do they have any idea they are getting their butts kicked in the eastern part of the country? >> geraldo, the government here is calling it a strategic withdrawal by the forces. but certainly it is a turning point in the fight which is really the first time the rebels have gone back on the offensive and retaken a city. of course, they had a whole lot of help to do it. it was really a week of allied air strikes targeting the tanks and armored personnel carriers that belonged to qaddafi and the suspects yo supply lines as well. without fuel or ammunition the forces had to retreat in ajdabiya. the test case will be closer to the capital here in misrata. a more complicated battlefield there because the qaddafi forces are al
, here is jen. >> u.s. he dense -- defense officials reiterated their war planes are not targeting muammar gaddafi and would not in the near future. >> at this point i can guarantee he's not on a targeting list. >> a seenus u.s. offense official didn't rule out he may have been involved in a strike on tripoli. officials say they're anxious to put a face on this mission as soon as possible. officials planning to hand over control in days not weeks. and some arab nations are coming with caveat was how those planes could be used. suggesting with a country the size of alaska it would make a bit more time. weapons could still be heard in the capitol. forces have fired more than 124 tomahawks from the uss barry, us uss stout and one british submarine. initial photos showed a need for more tomahawk strikes. official dz not rule out the alleged strike on the compound in the capitol was carried out by british or french missiles. geraldo? >> jen, thank you very much. let's go to the cool customer whose unphased reporting in crisis from the libyan capitol is keeping us informed. and steve, se
to tell us about how folks are feeling there. rough may be an under statement. nearly 300 thousand japanese americans call the state of california home. that is more than anywhere else in america. little tokyo is a bustling district. you can image the news of that devastating tsunami swept through and they mobilized quickly as well organizing fund raisers trying to do what they can to send cash within the region. an awful lot of people are clued to the television watching the coverage many have families living in japan and have been trying to reach them over the last few days. as we have been hearing time achd time again communications is crippled and it made getting ahold of their loved ones an arduous d task. listen? >> first thought i had is how is my family. my entire dad's side including my dad live in japan. we haven't been able to get in contact with any one. >> horrible waiting game many turning into the internet and facebook and twitter trying to get ahold of their loved ones. >> thank you very much. the earthquake and tsunami in japan will go down as by far the most expen
is safe and tripoli is is00% control, blaming the gunfire as celebratory. our correspondent joins us live from tripoli. lisa, what can you tell us about what is going on there now? earlier, we can hear gunfire. the government telling us it's celebratory. what can you tell us? >> we've been listening three and a half hours of gunfire on streets, you can probably hear knit background. ranging from small arms to intense firing. sounds to me like a machine gunfire. the government has been claiming these are celebratory fire works. i can tell you in darkness of night it's the government says they've got keys to two cities. there is another city that has been retaken by the government. well, we cannot independently verify that. clearly there has been a huge amount of tensions here, rising to a peak this morning. we haven't seen or heard anything like this. the sun is just coming up over tripoli this morning. you can probably hear car horns in the background. i can see green flags of gaddafi's supporters coming out from cars and going around round abouts in front of where we are. however, to cou
the size of alaska it would take more time. coalition forces fired more than 124 tomahawks the u.s. nave redestroyer uss scout three submarines and bun in the mediterranean. they have the need for more tomahawk strikes. sushgs officials did not rule out the strike on qaddafi's compound was carried out by british or french missiles. >> now go to the cool customer whose unfazed reporting in crisis from the libyan capital is keeping us all informed. steve harrigan is in trip pol tripoli. who did it this missile strike when does it happen how bad is the damage and when was the last time anybody lays eyes on muammar qaddafi? >> i think you need to add one more question to that. that is, did it really happen. they are government officials who have taken the press on a junket to show them the damage to make a point there is an attempt to assassinate their leader colonel qaddafi. there's a question about whether this attack happened within hours as they say. a first-hand look at the scene raises questions about that. a lot of anti-aircraft fire tonight. this under scores what you are getting at.
the american man hurded while jet skiing on a lake that straddles the u.s. mexican border. his widow tiffany joins me from denver, colorado. tiffany, how are you doing? >> i'm doing okay, today. it is a day-by-day process. some days you have good days, some days i have really bad days. >> geraldo: i understand you have a tremendous amount of frustration over the fact that david's crime is still unsolved. although they have persons of interest. and they haven't found his body yet. can you describe what that's like for you? >> it is really frustrating. because we still don't have david back. ultimately, from the very beginning that's all we wanted. all we wanted was david back. we knew the possibility of us finding who did this was very slim. they do say they have a couple more suspects that they've identified. i don't know all the details on that. other than they have kind of identified them. >> geraldo: how are the -- don't you have children you and david? >> no. >> geraldo: how long were you married? >> eight years and together 12. >> geraldo: is -- about the body not being found, are you c
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)

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